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assessment center LYON PARIS MARSEILLE

Profile Hunter is your professional partner in creating assessment center Lyon, assessment center Paris, assessment center Marseille

The assessment center is a common practice with recruitment agencies, recruitment firms, investment firms or for companies with a large HR department ...

The principle of the assessment center is to place several m / f candidates in the room and to confront them with others, but also with themselves. From a sourcing job, you should know that this recruitment format does not correspond to certain profiles who have the impression of being a "pawn" or "cannon fodder", others on the contrary play the game perfectly, hoping to win the position (s). Because indeed generally during the assessment center the company which recruits often offers several opportunities, in particular this format works perfectly for the functions of the sale and the distribution: commercial , commercial engineer , commercial IT , commercial manager , technical commercial , sedentary commercial , sales manager , sales manager ... but also for other profiles such as: executive assistant , technician , developer etc ...

How does an assessment center work in Paris, Lyon or Marseille?

The principle of the assessment center is to be able to simulate a professional situation that m / f candidates might encounter in order to realize how the latter adapt to this situation. Generally, it is thus based on a "professional situation".


Example: If you have to recruit heads of sectors who must be present in their jobs at 6 a.m. in mass distribution, we will organize an assessment center at 6 a.m. in the premises.

Example 2: you are looking for a profile capable of working in a team, the game will be based on listening to others when the candidates present their career paths, we will ask each candidate what they have retained from the path of their right neighbors etc ... etc ...

The strength of the assessment center is to be able to customize the role play according to the type of position and the environment in which it evolves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for a company wishing to do an assessment center in Paris, Lyon or Marseille?

The most positive point is to be able to bring together a large number of participants during the assessment center . Thus the company saves time (and money). Other points of interest particularly touch on the recruitment format. The assessment center is a scenario, therefore a role play, where the recruiter can appreciate the imagination of the candidates to get out of the situation, rather than being in a classic face-to-face format in a room. It very often happens that a good candidate does not know how to sell himself well, so the real-life scenario allows him to use his competence and demonstrate it rather than talk about it.

The disadvantages of the assessment center are the lack of privacy of the recruitment interview, some candidates do not want to be seen by others, because they are in positions, or then, some feel devalued ... Another important element is the preparation of this event which must be done well in advance and therefore this does not allow when a recruitment firm touches an excellent candidate m / f to quickly offer him a date face to face with his client, he will have to wait the session like everyone else. Finally, this format cannot correspond to Top Management positions: HRD , Sales Director , CFO , Sales Director etc ...

Contact Profil Hunter if you have trouble finding the right profile, we can organize your assessment center on the trades and areas of sales , distribution , HR , technical & tertiary , IT and others , or on sales , manager, etc. .

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