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Need a specialized recruitment agency in Briancon ? From a Briancon head hunt ? an experienced Briancon headhunter ?

Profile Hunter direct approach firm in Briancon , specialized in recruitment and hunting techniques for Briancon heads , offers you its services as a Briancon head hunter in order to find the rare pearl. Located in the heart of the Brianconnaise region, we shine in the Hautes Alpes region with more than a hundred recruitments directly to our credit in all fields: IT , sales and distribution , technical , HR , etc ...

Our perfect knowledge of the Brianconnais basin allows us to quickly find the candidate or candidates who can give you satisfaction, because a bad recruitment can drag your company down, cost you money, your brand image or even worse ... To attract you the best m / f profile in your company, we implement a whole process of quality and seduction allowing to find the right candidate m / f and that in record time.

Profil Hunter If you are having trouble finding the right profile, because we imagine that you would ideally want your m / f candidate to be able to start their job quickly, it would be necessary that this profile you are looking for can come from the same field of activity (or a related environment) in order to be able to quickly immerse in this world he knows.

Your candidate must have a minimum of experience in the desired position, that he can have strong skills and also have an unparalleled "know-how" to be productive and well with in his head with his future work colleagues and his clients . Finally if your m / f candidate for management missions, he will have to show a great charisma and a natural leadership, finally if the latter shows holocracy then “bingo you will say to me”

Welcome to
Profil Hunter , the headhunting 3.0 firm in Briancon specializing in the recruitment of 5-legged sheep and specializing in the evaluation of m / f candidates from the fields:

- IT, IT , technological sector, French tech, SSII, ESN, IT developer Briancon, IT programmer Briancon, web developer Briancon, data analyst Briancon, data scientist Briancon etc ...

- the sale ( Briancon shopping , commercial manager Briancon, head of sales Briancon, commercial director Briancon, Briancon based sales, marketing assistant Briancon etc ...) and distribution (responsible Briancon area, store Manager Briancon , head butcher Briancon, product manager Briancon etc ...), support function :
sales assistant , versatile secretary, account manager ... with a trade professional customers called BtoB or B2B or in a trading individual customers called B to C or B2C

- human resources, HR , such as a Briancon human resources manager, Briancon recruitment assistant, Briancon recruitment manager, Briancon payroll manager, Briancon human resources director , DAF Briancon administrative and financial director etc ...

- technical , related to an activity technology derived from the tertiary world as plastics, conveyor platform, general mechanics, boiler etc ...
as the craft technician

- BTP, real estate construction, such as profiles of site manager, construction manager, work supervisor, method engineer, design office technician etc ...


- Medical and Health, such as sales profiles at a medical equipment supplier, biotechnology sector manager, laboratory assistant, pharmaceutical laboratory technician, etc.

- miscellaneous , such as positions related to a profession of assistant Briancon, communications and marketing director Briancon , Deputy CEO Briancon, secretary Briancon etc ...

Ready to find one of the best m / f candidates in your field at your fingertips?

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