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Recruit your sales representative or your sales engineers in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France is a complicated task for a company because a good sales engineer could well sell to you and do a great job interview, then that may be in reality the latter may not be at the expected level once in the field and in your company. The mission of the sales engineer is to develop the sales of his company in a defined geographic sector. Responsible for the development of a client portfolio made up of professionals, the mission of the sales engineer is to retain and develop it.


The position can also be called : Business Manager, Business Manager, Key Account Manager, KAM, Key Account Manager, Technical Sales , Sales ...

What tasks for a sales engineer in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?
the sales engineer must define a sales action plan (prospecting, information meetings, trade shows, etc.), target the right people and detect their needs. To do this, he develops and manages a portfolio of prospects and customers in a geographic area, a customer segment or a business sector. Generally, he intervenes in the coordination of the realization of projects between the management services (IT systems for example) and the external service providers. He markets complex value-added offers: software, hardware, development of specific applications, etc ... The sales engineer has an advisory role in the act of sale, he must be able to suggest good ideas to his client and instill a new vision. In addition to negotiation, the sales engineer position includes an important part of understanding and following up on the client. The sales engineer must put in place actions to build loyalty and build a lasting relationship of trust with him.

What state of mind for a Paris, Lyon, Marseille sales engineer?

The sales engineer must have good interpersonal skills and excellent interpersonal skills, and possess significant capacities for reflection and adaptation. Requiring a great deal of autonomy in order to meet regularly with its customers, it requires significant "commercial intelligence" in order to understand and anticipate the wishes of its prospects and thus to propose the best solution adapted to the customer's request. and customer follow-up. The remuneration of the sales engineer is made up of a fixed part and a variable part according to his turnover. Often we are on a 50% fixed and the rest variable. For the junior salesperson, once the latter is cured, thanks to his experience, the sales engineer will be able to take on more responsibilities. Endowed with good speech and a good sense of persuasion, a sales engineer must also have a great open-mindedness in order to detect the needs of his customers or even anticipate them. The sales engineer generally progresses to management positions in sales teams.

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