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Profil Hunter is a construction recruitment firm specializing in direct approach to Paris , Lyon , Marseille to find profiles from technical fields and construction work: Engineering, Construction, Civil Engineering, Building, Real Estate Developer, Builder, waste, Materials trading, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Thermal Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Photovoltaics, etc ...

BTP Paris recruitment firm , we work throughout the IDF region on these trades linked to a technical aspect which require rigor and precision when carrying out their tasks. With an office in Lyon, our BTP Lyon recruitment agency ensures visibility over the Rhône Alpes region to track the best profiles because, indeed, an error can cost the company if the recruited profile is not at the top: a stop of the production chain, erroneous analysis results, a complete modification of a technical plan etc ... Unfortunately these professions are becoming increasingly rare and to reach the right candidate we must directly canvass these profiles on their workplaces see residential. The construction, public works and construction trades are highly recruiting but demand is high for few elected officials able to have the right technical knowledge, theoretical knowledge with experience in the field! Our recruitment agency BTP Marseille supports you in the search and selection of profiles in finishing work, construction, construction throughout the south of France and the PACA region.

It is important for Profil Hunter to be able to validate the technical skills which often come from a technological school course. Checking a patent, diploma or other reference check is essential to verify the credibility of future candidates . It is therefore strategic to find candidates with the technical skills related to the fields of construction, construction, finishing work so that they can quickly get into the mix and get in working order. Skill being an element more and more rare in this sector of activity the salaries of profiles can therefore soar, it is therefore our duty as a construction recruitment agency to notify you when a mission starts in order to offer a salary in adequacy with the market.

Your company wishes to recruit a (one) Works Director, Works Supervisor, Heat Engineer, Site Manager, Construction Team Leader, Studies and Works Manager, Construction Agency Director, Materials Sales Technician , Operations Director, Studies Manager , Director commercial real estate program , land developer, business manager, commercial construction , civil engineer, construction engineer, technician, technical assistant , commercial building engineer etc ...

Consult our fees online and contact us for a job request to find you the right m / f profile with our headhunting firm Profil Hunter present in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon (Rhone Alpes), Marseille (PACA),

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