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Recruiting is a profession, and moreover it is even more difficult to recruit for the "new" professions linked to IT, digital, the digital world, the web, the internet and data intelligence , because these professions are created every day, we must therefore find the talents of tomorrow today. The position of IT salesperson, internet salesperson, key account salesperson in digital transformation, or CRM salesperson, data scientist positions are increasingly sought after in IT services companies, ESNs, IT software publishers, CRM & analytics editors , web agency and others.

This commercial position that revolves around the IT world can take different names and can also be called : Digital Business Manager, Sales CRM, IT Business Manager, Digital Key Account Manager, Digital Service KAM, Key Account Manager Data intelligence, sales Analytics, technical sales in IT , sales in digitalization ...

What tasks for a salesperson in the IT sector in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?
The commercial computer like any other business must define commercial action plan (prospecting, information meetings, trade shows ...), target the right people and identify their needs, it is very often accompanied in the cycle of its sale by a computer consultant . To do this, he develops and manages a portfolio of prospects and customers in a geographic area, a customer segment or a business sector. Generally, he intervenes in the coordination of the realization of projects between the management services and the external service providers. It markets complex value-added offers: software, CRM, analytics, data intelligence, digital transformation, digital service. Once the target defined and understood, advises business computing to customers and prospects the company's products or services best suited. He then writes business proposals.

What state of mind for a salesperson in the IT sector in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

The IT salesperson must have good interpersonal skills and excellent interpersonal skills, and have significant thinking and adaptation skills. Requiring a great deal of autonomy in order to meet regularly with its customers, it requires significant "commercial intelligence" in order to understand and anticipate the wishes of its prospects and thus to propose the best solution adapted to the customer's request. and customer follow-up. The remuneration of the computer, digital, digital or internet sales representative is made up of a fixed part and a variable part according to his turnover. This represents on average 50% of the fixed and in the world of computer editors, this sales representative can be around salaries ranging from 60k € to 150k € per year. In fact, since his margin is generally 100%, the new contracts bring in a lot of money for his company. The commercial   in IT generally evolves into management positions in sales teams.

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience and know-how to assist you in the recruitment of an IT sales representative . This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .


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