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Recruiting your commercial or your sales representatives in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or whether your company is located in France is a task that our commercial recruitment firm ProfilHunter accomplishes every day for professional clients who need to recruit the right commercial . In order not to be mistaken in the choice of a future collaborator for the commercial position, we are delegated this task, the client company which wishes to recruit a profile of commercial hunter, breeder, developer, hunter, farmer or others outsources this recruitment to us. on one of our agencies present in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and recently in the Hautes Alpes in Briancon, allowing us to reach Eastern Europe. .A large number of VSEs, SMEs, ETIs and Groups make mistakes every day when recruiting their future m / f employees, because "recruiting" is indeed a profession. The first reflex of companies is to recruit by themselves using free databases such as Pole Emploi or APEC, and they do not see themselves investing in recruitment, however:


The inefficiency of your sales representative will cost you more than the fees of your firm, not only in terms of investment and training , but in monthly salary and above all in the credibility and brand image of your company with your clients. customers and prospects. Your profile will evolve either in a clientele of professionals called B to B or B2B or in a clientele of individuals called B to C or B2C . Let us not forget that a salesperson, whether a field salesperson or a sedentary salesperson, is your image, it is he who engages the relationship with your customers. He will have to feed back the information in the field and forward it to the marketing communications director , he will be assisted by the company's support functions and by his sales assistant and by his sales director or his sales director and by his sales manager h / f

Hunter Profile is a recruitment firm specializing in the direct approach in the world of sales and distribution but particularly in the recruitment of salespeople , sales managers and knows how to evaluate them. Our recruitment firm will analyze the robot portrait of your sales representative, determine its outlines and the limits of the position in order to subsequently source the right profile, assess it and present it to you if it corresponds to the profile sought. This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .

From now on, recruiting the right element and starting to prosper healthily, we take care of everything. We search and select for you the best qualified candidates in occupations related to the areas of trade: trade , commercial engineering , computer sales , sales manager , technical sales , inside sales , sales manager , sales manager ...

Hunter Profile it is your headhunting recruitment firm, specialist in sales recruitment, Lyon sales recruitment firm , Paris sales recruitment firm , Marseille sales recruitment firm and anywhere in France

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