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Profil Hunter is a specialist in direct approach in Paris , Lyon , Marseille and in the Hautes Alpes ( Briancon ) to approach profiles from sales, commerce and distribution

These trades require excellent "know-how", because they are often faced with end customers or consumers whether the end customer is a business or an individual. Sales and management skills are an essential prerequisite. For junior profiles, knowing how to be is necessary, but for experienced profiles the "knowing how to be" must be combined with the "know how" because in headhunting or the direct approach our clients often need experienced profiles who are able to do, to quickly reproduce actions and tasks to quickly improve the commercial performance and the turnover of the company.

Your company wishes to recruit a (one) Commercial , KAM, Commercial Key Accounts, Distribution Manager, Commercial Manager , Store Director, Sales Director, Store Manager, Buyer, Market Manager , Sales Director, Regional Director, Marketing Manager , Technical sales representative , sales engineer , sedentary salesperson , agency manager, sales assistant , communication marketing director, computer sales representative, computer consultant, etc.

You want this profile to evolve with a clientele of individuals: B to C or B2C or with a clientele of professionals B to B or B2B

Your company operates in the following business sectors:


Insurance, Banking , Finance , Retail, Large food distribution, Specialized large distribution, Wholesale trade, Real estate , Health , Industry , IT , Logistics , Human resources , Construction , Catering, Tourism, Business services, Medical ...

We have already filled positions with companies related to yours or with your direct competitors in one-to-one recruitment or in an assessment center format.

Consult our fees online and contact us for a job request to find you the right m / f profile with our headhunting firm Profil Hunter present in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon (Rhone Alpes), Marseille (PACA), Briancon (Hautes Alpes)

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