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Profil Hunter is a specialist in direct approach in Paris , Lyon , Marseille and in the Hautes Alpes ( Briancon ) to approach profiles from IT, big data, IT, Web, digital, digital and data intelligence. The digital world is changing very quickly, new professions are emerging every day: data cruncher, data analyst, data scientist, digital transformation consultant, etc. to find the right profile for you.

These trades compared to trades in commerce require a standard "know-how", but they require excellent "know-how". Indeed, it is the skills in computer languages that are the key to success with our customers, whether it is JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, C ++, C #, Scala, Go, Python, Perl, Java, Perl, Lua and SQL, IOS, ANDROID, VBA etc ... and its languages ​​are usable via uses on HTML5, iOS, Android, Zend, Unix / Linux, Backbone.js, Windows, Oracle, Mac OS, ERP, SAP, SAGE, Dynamics etc ...

The principle of head hunting or the direct approach is to be able to attract these profiles in companies related or competing with our clients so that they want to work for you. Very often the quality of the atmosphere in these profiles a little "geek" is as important as the remuneration.

Your company wishes to recruit a (a) business computing , software developer , computer programmer , network technician and system , computer technician , computer consultant , DPO (data protection officer), administrator DB, database administrator, system administrator, analyst operations, database architect, technical architect, IT director, crm project manager, cloud project manager, mobile project manager , crm consultant, business intelligence consultant, security consultant, development consultant, functional consultant, moa consultant, mobile developer , j2ee developer, security expert , software engineer, telecom engineer, security engineer, network engineer, web integrator, network manager etc ...

Your company operates in the following business sectors:

E publisher of computer software, ESN (IT), a web agency, an integrator, or a private company, we have already pouvus of positions in related businesses yours or from your direct competitors.


Consult our fees online and contact us for a job request to find you the right m / f profile with our head hunting firm Profil Hunter present in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon (Rhone Alpes), Marseille (PACA) , Briancon (Hautes Alpes)

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