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Recruit your sedentary sedentary or your commercial business in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France allows you to obtain a sales force close to your managers. A good salesperson   sedentary knows perfectly how to handle his environment "the office or agency" and I am generally very comfortable with the telephone tool or face to face when the latter remains in his work ecosystem. The sedentary salesperson 's mission is to develop sales from his workstation. This profile works either with a clientele of professionals called B to B or B2B or with a clientele of individuals called B to C or B2C


The position can also be called : Sedentary business manager, sedentary business manager, advisor etc. And He intervenes in various fields: real estate, tax exemption, health, banking, insurance, IT etc ...

What tasks for a sedentary salesperson in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?
The m / f sedentary salesperson, unlike the m / f field salesperson, is a salesperson who does not or very rarely travel. His mission can be varied, because there are sedentary salespeople called "hunter" they will prospect a clientele of individuals or professionals and for this the sedentary salesman uses his voice especially when he uses the telephone tool, but also his presence when this the latter is for example in an agency where he receives his prospects. The sedentary salesperson can also be a "breeder" so he will follow a set of professional or private customers in order to develop it, monitor it and increase its customer portfolio. The sedentary salesperson may or may not work in tandem with the field salesperson , at the base it is not intended to be 100% dedicated to a support function such as an assistant, for example, his role is fully to be "sales" but he does not move.

What state of mind for a sedentary salesperson in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

To master his sale, he must show good empathy, and a keen sense of business, he must have an important reading capacity at the level of his interlocutor in order to detect in the latter the potential of turnover to be realized. In the context of a sedentary salesperson using the telephone, the latter must be perfectly comfortable with excellent verbal elocution, as well as some charisma on the phone. Indeed the smile can be heard on the phone! As part of the sedentary salesperson based in an office or in an agency if the latter receives his clients or prospects, his leadership and presence must be assured in order to reassure his interlocutor

The sedentary salesperson can often be confused with telephone telemarketers, which is not the case. The sedentary salesperson manages a fleet of customers, ensures daily reporting and works on products or services often with high added value The remuneration of your sedentary salesperson will consist of a fixed part and a variable part according to the achievement of his objectives and the expected turnover. He often earns less than a field salesperson , a sales technician or a sales engineer , but his remuneration is often between € 30K and € 45k. This position is often managed by a sales manager himself piloted by a sales manager who supervises sales assistants or a sales manager

Our firm gives you the benefit of its experience and its know-how to assist you in the recruitment of a sales engineer . This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .


We search and select for you the best qualified candidates in occupations related to the areas of trade: trade , commercial engineering , computer sales , sales manager , technical sales , inside sales , sales manager , sales manager ...

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