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Profil Hunter is a finance recruitment firm , a banking recruitment firm in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, expert in direct approach. Our headhunter firm in the field of Finance and banking , allows us to work in confidence with our clients. After several successive crises, the banking and finance market requires profiles that can anticipate decisions, to better manage their portfolios, and analyze daily "risks" via business KPIs. This analytical capacity can be helped by digital tools, quickly calculating a large amount of data, in particular through the VBA or other ERP, CRM. Beyond intelligence, the use of a variety of digital tools is conquering the world of auditing, finance, accounting and banking.


The world of finance has therefore become an increasingly computerized world, the use of new technologies, CRM, ERP with the base of financial knowledge thus allow the best m / f candidates to be easily recruited. The historical professions of finance such as Debt Collector, Chief Accountant, Client Accountant, Supplier Accountant, General Accountant, Sole Accountant, Accountant Director, Payroll Manager, Management Controller, Financial Controller, Credit Manager, Administrative and Financial Director, Control Director Management, Administrative and Financial Directors, Financial Controllers, Treasury and Funding Managers, Treasurers, Management Control Directors, Management Controllers, Auditors, Consolidators, Risk Managers, Corporate Finance, Accounting Managers ... are positions that our recruitment firm produced every day.

Thus our accounting, payroll and finance recruitment firm in Paris, Lyon, Marseille touches job profiles, via our headhunter firm. Our clients are banking establishments, financial organizations, insurance, investment, investment banking, and market finance which are recruiting more and more versatile profiles.

The most requested professions such as internal audit, management controller, Credit manager, Accounting director, Administrative and financial manager, are increasingly giving way to dual financial and digital skills. So the financial data scientists are taking more and more opportunities. VBA developers who are experts in finance are increasingly sought after and are trained internally in less traditional professions. Thus in the financial bank the actions of calculation of the GDP, inflation rate, growth rate of the real economy, calculation of NAV / Net asset value, margin call, off-balance sheet commitment (future, option ...), Legal ratios , Rate of return over annual periods, Calculation of the capital repaid at the end of a determined number of periods, Liquidity ratio, Future value of a payment in annual capitalization ... are nowadays increasingly made by profiles IT and financial.

Consult our fees online and contact us for a job request to find you the right m / f profile with our headhunting firm Profil Hunter present in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon (Rhone Alpes), Marseille (PACA)

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