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Do you need an experienced Lyon headhunter or a Lyon recruitment agency or a Lyon assessment center ?

Profile Hunter a direct approach firm specializing in recruiting and head hunting techniques, offers you its Lyon head hunter services in order to find the right profile for your business. Located in the heart of the Lyon region, we shine on the Rhone Alpes region with more than a hundred recruitments in direct approach to our credit in all fields: IT , sales and distribution , technical , HR , Medical , construction etc. .


Recognized for our talents, our Lyon recruitment agency offers you   a perfect knowledge of the Lyonnais area which allows us to quickly find the candidate (s) who can give you satisfaction, because a bad recruitment can drag your company down, cost you money, your brand image or even worse. To attract you the best m / f profile in your company we implement a whole process of quality and seduction allowing to find the right candidate m / f and that in record time.


- IT, IT , technological sector, French tech, SSII, ESN, IT developer Lyon, IT programmer Lyon , web developer Lyon , system and network technician Lyon, data analyst Lyon, data scientist Lyon sales in IT, consultant in computer science Lyon etc ...

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- the sale ( lyon business , commercial manager Lyons, head of sales Lyons, commercial director lyon, lyon assistant marketing, inside sales Lyon technical trading Lyons , Sales Engineer Lyon etc ...) and distribution (responsible lyon sector Director shop Lyon , head butcher lyon, lyon product manager etc ...), support function : sales assistant , versatile secretary, account manager ... with a trade professional customers called BtoB or B2B or in a clientele of individuals called commercial B to C or B2C

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- human resources, HR , such as a human resources manager lyon , recruitment assistant lyon, recruitment officer lyon, payroll manager lyon, director of human resources lyon , DAF administrative and financial director lyon etc ...

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- technical , related to a technical activity from the tertiary world as plastics, conveyor platform, general mechanics, boiler etc ... as the craft technician

- BTP, real estate construction, such as profiles of site manager, construction manager, work supervisor, method engineer, design office technician etc ...


- Medical and Health, such as sales profiles at a medical equipment supplier, biotechnology sector manager, laboratory assistant, pharmaceutical laboratory technician, etc.

- Banking and Finance, as profiles of lyon accountant, financial auditor lyon, c ontrôleurs financial Lyon, Lyon Management Controllers, Financial Consolidator lyon, lyon Risk Manager, Bank Manager lyon etc ...

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- miscellaneous , such as positions related to a profession of assistant lyon, communication and marketing director Lyon , deputy general manager lyon, secretary lyon etc ...


Ready to find one of the best m / f candidates in your field at your fingertips?

This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .

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