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Recruit your assistant   in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France is a task requiring rigor, because its role will be to support you and who like each other come together. Your company will have to be logical because recruiting a good assistant   could cost you more than it earns you if we do not correctly distinguish the knowledge, skills and know-how of your future candidate. The assistant's job is to support and help an employee in charge of a more important mission

There are many assistant positions, the best known are: Sales assistant, executive assistant, marketing assistant, quality assistant, sales administration assistant, senior assistant, junior assistant, administrative assistant, human resource assistant , assistant technician , computer assistant etc ...

What tasks for an assistant Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

The position of assistant is very varied, and is often stereotyped: hence the time of the assistant who brings coffee to her boss ... The position of assistant requires a good "mind game", indeed this position requires a real collaboration between the assistant and the other collaborator m / f, a symbiosis must be perfect.


As part of a sales assistant, it will be important that the latter can be alert on customer requests, on the management of offers and purchase orders and that she can give good feedback to her salesperson , (sales representative incidentally) which will evolve with a clientele of professionals called B to B or B2B either towards a clientele of individuals called B to C or B2C ) because it is the eyes of the salesperson in office or agency. As part of an executive assistant, the latter will have to supervise the administration of her boss m / f, be able to manage appointments, providers and validate the agenda and travel, a perfect mastery of the professional environment is important. For a marketing assistant position, ideas will be needed to help the department manager to put things in order: manage processes, validate ideas, organize meetings, round tables etc ... creativity and communication. The implication will be put for this position. In the case of a quality assistant , the name of the position speaks for itself and the 3 watchwords are quality, quality, quality! For a sales administration assistant position , the latter can be quite similar to the sales assistant position , but here we narrow the mission to the business part and the sales part or customer service must be impeccable. When at the post of administrative assistant , office automation skills will be necessary for word processing, file classification, personnel management, etc.

What state of mind for an assistant in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

The "know-how" or the state of mind of your future employee is to be taken into account because very often his positions are poorly paid, undervalued, or denigrated unfortunately. The personality of your assistant and the desire to do well are as important as the school or university background. Often the best assistants are profiles with few qualifications, self-taught who flourish because they are recognized in their position for their quality of work. The post of assistant can therefore start from the Bac, Bep level. This position should never be underestimated because it is essential in improving the internal processes of the company. The remuneration is often the minimum wage up to 28k €

This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience and know-how to assist you in the recruitment of an assistant in various sectors of activity: Insurance, Banking, Finance, Retail, Large food distribution, Specialized large distribution, Trade wholesale, Real Estate, Industry, IT, Logistics , Human Resources , Catering, Tourism, Construction , Business Services, Pharmaceuticals etc ...

Hunter Profile it is your recruitment agency in Paris , Lyon , Marseille

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