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Recruit with our recruitment firm commercial director Lyon,   Paris , Marseille or sales manager or anywhere in France is an important task for a company because the recruitment of a sales manager is a key step in the commercial success of the company. The sales manager supervises the sales department (sales manager), the marketing pole , as well as the support function team (example: sedentary salesperson). For the sales manager, he manages the sales team can be composed of a sales manager, sales manager , sales manager, sales engineer , technical sales , inside sales , consultant , sales assistant , etc ... He manages a team that will market solutions or products to a professional clientele called B to B or B2B or to a private clientele called B to C or B2C

What tasks for a sales manager recruitment firm in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

Often a leader and charismatic, it is not mandatory to recruit a sales manager who is a champion of sales, beware a good sales manager is not necessarily a good salesperson, the role that the company requires is to have a "manager" able to increase turnover or optimize it. On the other hand, a sales manager must necessarily have a flawless commercial temperament, because often sales profiles will expect their sales manager to demonstrate to the customer. The remuneration of your sales manager depends on several factors such as the size of your company, his experience, his skills or the size of your team to be managed. His salary is often made up of a fixed salary and a variable part. The sales manager can see his salary go from 45k € up to 200k €. As for the sales manager, the ceiling often does not exceed 120k €. Manager of his team will be able to directly recruit his teams and have his budget validated by the administrative and financial director of the company or have his recruitment validated in terms of "know-how" by the director of human resources of the company in applying the marketing plan drawn up by his counterpart, the communications and marketing director

What state of mind for a Lyon, Paris, Marseille sales manager recruitment firm?

It is not necessary for a recruitment of commercial director or sales director Lyon, Paris, Marseille, to take profiles with a mountain of diploma, very often the experience takes precedence more than the diploma especially on this position or the director sales manager or sales manager to a goal well defined by management. He must have managerial skills allowing him to promote the good commercial development of the company. The mission of the sales manager is to define, coordinate and implement a sales policy in order to increase and boost the sales of your company. Depending on the size and sector of it, he will perform more or less activities and the tasks entrusted to him will vary. The sales manager must for his mission coordinate the sales team and propose solutions allowing to reach the quantified objectives by the direction.

Our sales manager recruitment firm Lyon, Paris, Marseille , offers you the benefit of its experience and know-how to support you in the recruitment of a sales manager or a sales manager . We search and select for you the best qualified candidates in occupations related to the areas of trade: trade , commercial engineering , computer sales , sales manager , technical sales , inside sales , sales manager , sales manager ...

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