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It is not trivial to outsource the recruitment of recruitment professionals and in particular during the selection of recruitment consultant, interim consultant , researcher, recruitment officer, career manager   etc ... within a consulting firm, an interim agency , an employment office . It even makes sense to be able to get a fresh new air on recruiting new employees with a different vision than your own. Imagine your doctor diagnosing himself? or while your hairdresser cuts his hair himself ... The choice of your future recruitment consultant or recruitment manager will be determined according to your expectations, in particular you would like a specialist in recruitment of sales, distribution, tertiary functions , human resources etc ... or do you prefer a rather general profile, recently baptized as a multi specialist. We offer our headhunting services in Paris, Lyon and Marseille to find you the right profile m / f recruitment consultant

What tasks for your recruitment consultant in Paris, Lyon, Marseille ?

Stains can beings diverse and varied for your recruitment consultant in a consulting firm, a temp agency, an employment agency, such as managing a team of recruitment officer and head of research, monitor activity recruiting a working group, producing its mission and selling it, ensuring the commercial customer relationship with prospects, piloting the HRIS and administrative part of a large account etc ... The missions of a recruitment consultant are complete and if you read us, our vocation is not to teach you a lesson, you (normally) know your job.

What state of mind for your recruitment consultant in Paris, Lyon, Marseille ?

Recruitment expert, your future recruiting consultant employee will necessarily have a good know-how, this goes hand in hand with his skills and depending on your type of structure: consulting firm, an interim agency , an employment office

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience and its know-how to assist you in the recruitment of a recruitment consultant . We search and select the best qualified candidates for you. Hunter Profile it is your headhunting recruitment firm, specialist in recruitment of distribution , sales , Human Resources , IT Profiles, Tertiary Profiles , Construction , Health

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