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Do you want to recruit a Lyon technician? Paris technician, or a Marseille technician? How to recruit the right technician   in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France? Our recruitment firm Profil Hunter supports you in this approach phase, because this technician profile   is sought after by professionals from different fields . With the possibility of moving from one field to another the profession   requires technical skills, a good "savoir-être" and an exemplary nature, particularly in front of the end customer, whether the latter is a professional or an individual.

What tasks for a technician Lyon, Marseille, Paris ?

The sales technician profession is on the rise, because there are hundreds of thousands of them doing this profession which can be complex but also very varied. The technician profile is present in all branches: industrial maintenance, construction and public works, logistics, renewable energy, IT, Telecom etc ... Gender parity for this technician position is increasingly close (except for the construction and public works). The technician must put into practice the technology of the company, this profession is often linked to customer service and more and more technicians are confronted with end or intermediary customers. Without being salespeople , they have an image role to play, and technical skills to have to fulfill their daily missions. Some technical jobs are hard to find especially for technician profiles of industrial maintenance, service representative, technician HVAC, methods technician, computer support technician, electrician technician, mechanical technician manufacturing technician BE office, electrician and automation technician .

What state of mind for a technician in Paris, Lyon, Marseille ?

Along with a shortage of technicians in a certain number of fields of activity, the profession still attracts a lot of candidates because it requires an "attainable" educational background (Bac + 2) to the greatest number and starts from the Bac. Among the most requested positions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille we note that these are systems and networks technician, IT technician, IT support technician, maintenance technician, chemical technician, QHSE technician, network technician, test technician, logistics technician . Almost 50% of requests today revolve in the digital and IT sector . But the other fields still have a bright future ahead of them, if the conditions provided by the company make it possible to reconcile family and professional life. The technician will attach importance to the right balance since it is often itinerant and on the road. The remuneration of a technician is very disparate depending on the field where he intervenes, most positions for juniors go up to salaries of 17k € and seniors can reach a salary of 30k €

This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .

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