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Recruiting your sales technician or your sales technicians in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France is a task that requires mastering the technical discourse of your interlocutor, understanding commercial ingenuity and measuring their human know-how, because a good technical salesperson is a field or sedentary salesperson with a large dose of technical expertise, close to the skills of a technician. The sales technician's mission is to develop the sales of his company in a defined geographical sector with a very strong technical vocation; yet he is not a technician . Responsible for the development of a client portfolio made up of professionals, the sales technician's mission is to retain and develop it.


The position can also be called : Business Manager, Business Manager, Key Account Manager, KAM, Key Account Manager, Sales Engineer , Sales ...

What tasks for a technical sales representative in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

The commercial techno is different from a business classic, because his position is occupied by a person holding dual competence to explain the technical characteristics and operation of the product to the customer. He maintains daily relations with the various departments of the company (research and development, quality, production, financial and legal). Thus, the sales technician works mainly in companies which require technical know-how. The technical salesperson is often an itinerant salesperson. The sales technician wears a double hat of salesman and technician: negotiator of contracts with customers and suppliers but also a specialist in the products for which he is responsible. The sales technician must be a real negotiator and technical advisor who must know how to convince and forge a lasting relationship with his interlocutor. At the same time, the sales technician accelerates the development of his business and of his client portfolio through prospecting actions.

What state of mind for a technical sales representative in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

To consider a technical sales position, you need both sales skills and in-depth technical knowledge of the product you are selling. He must be able to prospect a clientele of professionals, be able to supervise a team if necessary.A good sales technician must have a sense of contact and customer relationship, propose technical solutions adapted to the needs of customers, be in charge of components practices: cost determination, production planning, delivery times, have a sense of persuasion developed in order to meet their objectives.

Several diplomas allow access to a sales technician position . Access to this profession is made from the BAC +2 level (BTS management of commercial units for example), or BAC +3 technical and / or commercial. However, recruiting a sales technician is often difficult for companies because people with dual technical and sales skills are scarce. Compensation breaks down into fixed + variable, which ranges between 35,000 euros and 80,000 euros gross per year, the fixed level being more or less high depending on the level of technical expertise expected for the position. The key to the salary being the achievement of the objective, the senior or junior sales technician can easily find a valuation of his function by a consequent salary. With experience, technical salesman, this profile can evolve towards a position of sales engineer or sales manager.

Our firm makes you benefit from its experience and its know-how to support you in the recruitment of a sales technician . This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .


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