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How to recruit the right IT developer in   JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, C ++, C #, Scala, Go, Python, Perl, Java, Perl, Lua and SQL or the right computer programmer in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France? Our recruitment firm Profil Hunter supports you in this approach phase, because this profile of IT developer or IT programmer is in great demand by professionals from IT publishers, ESN, SSII, digital agency . cybersecurity agency, digital agency, data host, big data and cloud agency etc ... With a multitude of profiles from different programming languages ​​you will need the right profile

What tasks for an IT developer or IT programmer Paris Lyon Marseille ?

The profession of IT developer or IT programmer is very fashionable, because the world is currently driven by IT, software is taking control, business information systems are increasingly connected, BI Business Intelligence where the tools of computer cubes take control over decisions and its decision-making tools are developed by the computer developer or computer programmer . The tasks can be varied depending on the type of company that the candidate computer developer or computer programmer will choose . Within the framework of an ESN or SSII, the task will be to work in general for the client of the ESN or the SSII and he can work in tandem with a computer consultant . If the profile includes a computer software publisher, he will work for the publisher's client and thus remain more in control of his work. If the IT developer or IT programmer integrates a digital company or for example a web agency or a cybersecurity company or a hosting service provider or a company specializing in the cloud , he will have various projects with a mission on the client side and on the business side. Finally, some IT profiles directly integrate the client company, particularly under large groups such as banks, insurance, etc. which have their own IT departments. The main task among all its cases being to code, to program in different languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, C ++, C #, Scala, Go, Python, Perl, Java, Perl, Lua and SQL

What state of mind for an IT developer or IT programmer in Paris, Lyon, Marseille ?

As this profile of computer developer or computer programmer is in great demand, companies often ignore the "know-how" of this m / f employee. Mistake, because the wrong mindset could make the rest of your IT team leave. It is therefore important according to your structure: Company, ESN, SSII, IT editor to take the time to choose the right IT developer or IT programmer . With a BTS, DUT, Pro Master in IT, your "geek" should be able to manage. The remuneration part is quite broad, most of the profiles with 2 years of experience touching approximately 25K € of salary up to 50k € in large cities with a very precise sectorization.

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience and its know-how to assist you in the recruitment of an IT developer or IT programmer . We look for and select the best qualified candidates for you and we are able to also find m / f candidates from digital, such as: web developer, mobile developer, front end developer, back end developer, mobile web architect, webmaster , web project manager, web designer, crm project manager, director of information systems (dsi / cio), director of digital strategy / chief digital officer (cdo / cino), chief technical officer (cto) / chief innovation officer (cino), system and network administrator, system and network architect, project manager, project management (moa), project manager (moe), user support technician, big data, data scientist and chief data scientist, data miner, data analyst, dpo - data protection officer, digital marketing & communication, marketing director / chief marketing officer, traffic manager / acquisition manager, web analyst / digital analyst, head of social media / social media expert, sem manager / internet referencing manager, cpo - chief product officer, digital entrepreneur, ux designer / ui designer, growth hacker, community manager, web editor, IOT (internet of thing) delegate, consultant in IT, etc….


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