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Recruiting a sales manager or sales managers in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France to manage your salespeople or your salesperson is a task that requires precision, because supervising staff is a real profession, especially when this position covers functions supports and sales people . This profile will increase the skills of its employees and direct sales to a professional clientele called B to B or B2B or to a private clientele called B to C or B2C. Some of our clients bring their best elements from a sales level to a sales manager : mistake! Just because a salesperson is gifted doesn't necessarily mean he will be a good manager. The second risk is to see your sales team disappear.

Imagine the damage that a bad sales manager can cause : loss of team motivation, resignation, sick leave, lack of objectives, mutiny etc ...


The job of our recruitment firm specializing in headhunting and direct approach is to find the best commercial manager m / f in your field of activity to ensure that your business flourishes and can be sustainable.

Coming from the world of sales and distribution , the sales manager can have several names, from one company to another he can be qualified as sales director, sales manager, sales manager, sales manager, sales manager. team etc… Whatever its title, it is its role and its skills that will make you obtain the precious sesame called: performance .


Ideally your sales manager will have to show leadership , it is necessary that his "know-how" is at the meeting, because often the sales representatives work for 2 things : salary and people ; and in the context where the salary of the sales representative of your company remains in a general average, it will then be necessary to give the latter the desire to remain for his manager or for the atmosphere of your company.


The attractiveness of a sales manager and his evaluation are criteria that we evaluate and which thus allow us to offer you the best profile at the right time, because the right candidate m / f is a rare commodity that is ephemeral, a candidate m / f in post today may not be in post for some time. We search and select for you the best qualified candidates in occupations related to the areas of trade: sales assistant sales , sales engineer , computer sales , sales manager , technical sales , inside sales , sales manager , sales manager ...


Entrust us with the recruitment of your sales manager with our sales manager recruitment firm Lyon , sales manager recruitment firm Paris , sales manager recruitment firm Marseille or anywhere in France.

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