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What profile should you recruit for your future Human Resources Director (HRD), Human Resources Manager (HRR) in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France? Our recruitment firm Profil Hunter supports you in this unusual task for a company because the recruitment of an HR profile is a key step in the good management of people and internal recruitment, as well as for improvement on changing profiles and career management. Very often the director of human resources (HRD), Human Resources Manager (RRH) guides the company on its operations in close collaboration with general management and the unions. An excellent management of your personnel will thus make it possible to limit in particular the turnover in your teams for example of manager, salesmen , employee, staff etc ... but this is not the only task which is entrusted to your HR and its service .

What tasks for a HRD Paris, HRD Lyon, HRD Marseille or HRR Paris, R RH Lyon, R RH Marseille?

An excellent HR profile must have the ability to analyze, take a step back, referee, human qualities and skills in risk management, contractual and litigation. The Human Resources Director or Human Resources Manager must constantly be on the alert on all new "human and business" subjects, in particular on regulatory or legislative matters, the globalization of the economy and the prevention of occupational risks and risks. psycho-social, diversity, etc ... The m / f candidate is above all an administrative person (work at the company headquarters, management of meetings, trips to agencies and production sites, content creation etc.) . The Human Resources Department is one of the main players in corporate governance, while being subject to increasingly severe work constraints. The main mission of your human resources director or HRD, HRR Human Resources Manager is to ensure personnel management. He supervises a team and a service which can be made up in particular of recruiting officer . He is responsible for recruiting and managing employees, setting up a recruitment policy, initiating a training policy, designing career management, facilitating collective relations and anticipating impacts. human resources following variations in scope, but also notably supervises the personnel management, payroll and accounting department. To validate his budgets, he will work with the administrative and financial director of the company, he will also ensure the validation of the recruitment phase of the sales director when hiring staff and to convey his ideas he will work in conjunction with the marketing director communication

What is the state of mind for a Paris HR Director, Lyon HR Director, Marseille HR Director or an R RH Paris, R RH Lyon, R RH Marseille ?

An essential link in the company, it is often between the "hammer" and "the anvil", and this position of director of human resources (HRD), Human resources manager (HRR) thus requires a certain skill and a discourse of speaker in front of the manager but also in front of the employees. Resistance to stress is important for this position which requires disciplinary action from time to time. Regarding the course, this position is often entrusted to holders of a business school diploma or university training with a third cycle in HR (Master 2 in law and personnel management, Master II in HR diagnosis and management, Master 2 employment policy and HR management) can exercise the profession of human resources director or HRD, HR manager HR . Experience being essential in this position, you can favor less qualified profiles with more business and field experience, in crisis management. The remuneration of a HRD or HR Director varies greatly depending on the sector of activity, the geographical area to be covered (France / World) as well as the scope of the position, especially if the position manages other services. in parallel.

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience and its know-how to assist you in the recruitment of a human resources director or HRD, HRR Human Resources Manager . We search and select the best qualified candidates for you. Hunter Profile it is your headhunting recruitment firm, specialist in recruitment of distribution , sales , Human Resources , IT Profiles, Tertiary Profiles , Banking and Finance, Construction , Health

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