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Recruiting your Store Manager or Store Manager or Point of Sale Manager called RM or Store Manager in Paris , Lyon , Marseille or anywhere in France is a mission that often concerns the work of a headhunter firm . These profiles from specialized distribution and more particularly linked to Retail are profiles 90% in post, who do not take the time to apply, no time to look at the ads on FashionJob and are relatively few on social networks having the head in the handlebars on a daily basis with their point of sale to manage (KPI, inventory, ID, Conversion rate etc ...). Also the best way to reach an excellent Store Manager or Store Manager or Point of Sale Manager called RM or Store Manager   is the implementation of a direct approach


The position can also be called : RM, Store Manager, Store Manager, Point of Sale Manager, Corner Manager, Floor Manager, RA Deputy Manager, Category Floor Manager, Store Manager, Store manager, Assistant Store manager etc ...

The position can affect all areas related to trade : Textile, tableware, fashion, fashion, sport, luxury, mass market, retail sale etc ...

What tasks for a Paris, Lyon, Marseille point of sale manager ?

The first task of a store manager is to animate her point of sale in order to improve the customer experience and turnover. For this, this position requires skills in human management, and in piloting the various commercial KPIs (sales index, conversion rate, average basket etc ...) In parallel with its "business" tasks, the point of sale is a place of visits and meetings with customers, they will therefore be sensitive to the customer experience provided by the point of sale (reception, story telling, atmosphere, merchandising etc ...) The store manager in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or elsewhere in France takes care of supervising a more or less important team (salesman, sales advisor, 1st saleswoman, assistant manager etc ...). This point of sale or establishment management position can be established with a clientele of individuals, but also with a clientele of professionals. If your position is in the world of Retail, then 100% of sales are made to individuals in B2C or B to C. Important clarification on the seller who works with the individual: he does not have the role of a " commercial ". The B2C salesperson "waits" for the customer while the B2C salesperson will "look for" him

What state of mind for your store manager in Paris, Lyon, Marseille?

To reach m / f candidates working in this retail sector of fashion, beauty, specialized distribution etc ... the recruiting brand must offer motivating salary and / or human conditions. It is therefore important to have in front of either a Store Manager or Store Manager or Point of Sale Manager called RM or Store Manager who acts as if this store or boutique or corner or point of sale is his own business. It is increasingly required to have profiles with an analytical mind on the various KPIs able to propose solutions and to be a facilitator with the end customer and with sales departments. This position accessible from a Bac + 2 offers a remuneration ranging from 23K € to 38k € depending on the type of market (luxury or mass market) and depending on experience (from 2 to 10 years)

Our firm makes you benefit from its experience and its know-how to support you in the recruitment of an RM or RA. This recruitment can be done in one to one recruitment or in an assessment center format .


We seek and select for you the best qualified candidates in trades related to the fields of commerce.   Hunter Profile it is your headhunting recruitment firm, specialist in retail: RM, RA, regional director, merchandiser etc ... specialist in positions arising from sales and distribution

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