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specialized recruitment agency by sector of activity

You have the project to recruit your future employees ? You want to go through a professional recruiting type: recruitment office, recruitment agency, recruitment agency etc ... ProfilHunter is your professional partner in profile recruitment


Need a specialized recruitment firm in France on the sales and distribution professions? Human resources ? It ? of the building sector? On a technical and industrial sector? on the field of health and medical?


You want to establish your company in France and get the best profile to put the odds on your side in this business project. With ProfilHunter our direct approach firm in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, specializes in recruitment and head hunting techniques. We offer our services to find the right people. With more than a hundred recruitment in direct approach to our assets in all areas: IT, sales and distribution, technical, medical, construction, HR


Our perfect knowledge of these areas allows us to quickly find the candidate who can give you satisfaction; because bad recruitment can pull your business down, cost you money, your image or even worse ... To attract the best potential in your company we implement a process of quality and seduction to find the right candidate and this in record time

IT & technology sector:

French tech, SSII, ESN, computer developer,  computer programmer  , web developer  , system technician and networks  , data analyst  , data scientist  , commercial computer etc ...


sales manager,   sales manager,   sales manager,   sales manager,   marketing assistant,   sales technician,   sales engineer, sedentary sales, etc ...


sector manager,   Store Manager,   Butcher Manager,   Product Manager, etc ...), support function: sales assistant, versatile secretary, customer relations manager ... with a clientele of professionals called B to B commercial or B2B either in a private clientele called commercial B to C or B2C


Building construction, as profiles of site manager, construction manager, work driver, method engineer, technician in design office etc ...

Medical and Health:

Like sales representatives at a medical equipment manufacturer, biotechnology sector head, laboratory technician, pharmaceutical laboratory technician, etc...

Human resources & gestion:

HR, as a human resource manager  , recruitment assistant  , recruitment manager  , payroll manager  , Director of Human Resources  , DAF Administrative and Financial Director   etc ...

Finance & Bank:

Accounting Director, Manager Payroll, Management Controller, Financial Controller, Credit Manager, Management Controller, Auditors, Consolidators, Risk Manager...

IT & Technology

we recruit for you: competent French people

Finance & Bank
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